Daily, the CRM FOG disinfects countless amounts of interior spaces in the Care sector. It decontaminates these spaces in a matter of minutes and down to the smallest detail so employees, patients and visitors are safe from viruses and bacteria.

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The nebulizer spreads dry, invisible, disinfecting fog throughout interior spaces. The ultra-fine, dry mist is completely harmless and doesn’t leave any wet traces. The CRM FOG completely eliminates the burden of disinfecting, for you and your team.

The machine literally disinfects everything! Think about tables, chairs, curtains, door handles, fitness machines, but also about the walls and the air.

Via our devices, all interior spaces in residential care centre, De Groene Verte, get disinfected down to the last detail. Think about the bedrooms, public spaces, chairs, door handles but also about the walls and the air.

“If a room is infected, we put the CRM FOG inside and after 5 minutes the room is completely disinfected”, says the prevention advisor from the residential care centre. “A big advantage is that the device also disinfects the walls and curtains.”


The CRM FOG can be used in all interiors and businesses,
our ambassadors tell you why.


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