Frequently Asked Questions

Effective disinfecting with low consumption. Our certified fogger nebulises dry, invisible, disinfecting mist through your interior or business and makes all viruses and bacteria harmless.


The liquid we use consists of 12,5% stabilized hydrogen peroxide and doesn’t cause corrosion. The CRM FOG nebulizes very fine mist, to make sure the fog is dry and invisible, that means it doesn’t leave any wet traces behind. Thanks to the powerful pressure the fog gets propelled with, the CRM FOG has lots of advantages compared to other nebulizers.

The machine uses only 250 millilitres to disinfect a space of 250m³, the air and all surfaces down to the smallest detail.

The CRM FOG is a compact device with a size of 24cm x 24cm x 77,1cm.

The CRM FOG nebulizes the disinfecting liquid very finely so that it becomes a dry, invisible mist. The dry mist doesn’t leave any wet traces behind so your electronic devices are completely safe.

Yes, the CRM FOG destroys all viruses, bacteria and fungi in interior spaces. The liquid is nebulized so finely that it disinfects entire spaces down to the smallest detail. Think about the bottom of a table, a keyboard, pens, … The CRM FOG disinfects everything.

How long it takes depends on the size and geometry of the space. A room that is about 250m³ can be fully disinfected in 4 minutes, excluding the contact time. The full fog-cycle takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour. That’s the time the nebulization needs in order to fully disappear and only after this, it’s completely safe to enter the room.

We recommend to disinfect a room every time it has been used. In the morning you can automatically disinfect working spaces before your employees are there. That way they enter a safe and virus-free space. The more you use the CRM FOG, the less viruses and bacteria pile up.

The CRM FOG has all necessary safety certificates and our disinfecting liquid is approved by FOD Public Health.

The device has wheels underneath for extra mobility, this way you can easily and safely move the CRM FOG throughout the entire building.

In case there are any troubles with the CRM FOG, we offer assistance within 2 business days. Besides that, you get a 2 year warranty on our devices.

We offer updates, right from our headquarters so you don’t have to do anything. Imagine there is a new Covid variant that needs a stronger or weaker disinfection method. Then we can optimize the disinfection time etc to fight it as effective as possible. We can also adjust the nebulizing process to your needs or problems with bacteria, viruses or fungi.

The CRM FOG shows when the fogging process is over via a green light on the device. The interface also signalises when the process is over.

Our device can be delivered with remote displays. We have basic and advanced versions of them, they show when the device is nebulizing and when you can re-enter the room.

The liquid is completely biodegradable and we take back the bottles we deliver it in to process it ecologically. This way you don’t have any waste.

We personally deliver the device within 2 weeks, free of charge. We also offer free delivery for our disinfecting liquid, for orders of 12 litres or more.

The device needs a power supply of 230 volt. You can simply plug the device into the wall.

Yes and in all possible sectors. Since Covid-19, the awareness around disinfecting increased and it will stay like that in the future. A lot of people and companies came to realise that they don’t work in a hygienic way at all.