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The CRM FOG keeps your business in the horeca sector safe and virus-free, for the protection of your clients, employees and yourself. The CRM FOG nebulises dry, invisible, disinfecting fog to decontaminate your business down to the smallest detail.

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Mercure Hotel Roeselare, Belgium, uses our CRM FOG to keep all their interior spaces safe and virus-free for their clients, visitors and employees.

Think about tables, chairs, the bar, payment terminals, door handles, cutlery but also about the walls and the air. Also kitchens get completely disinfected by the CRM FOG, not only does it kill viruses but it also kills bacteria like Salmonella. The invisible fog doesn’t have a single negative effect on food and can directly get in contact with it.

Our CRM FOG eliminates the burden of disinfecting, for your team!
The machine has all needed certificates and we even have an official endorsement from FOD Public Health Belgium.

Get to know more in this video:


With our copper strips you protect your visitors and employees from viruses and bacteria that live on places they touch the most. The fact that this natural source has antimicrobial properties has been known for hundreds of years, in contrary to stainless steel. On copper, bacteria and viruses disappear in a matter of minutes, check out this video for more information:

Think about door handles, switches, taps, … We can apply the strips on all possible places.

CU-Strips are the perfect addition to our CRM FOG. This way we offer the total solution against viruses and bacteria in business spaces.


  • Save time
  • Durable
  • Budget Friendly
  • Peace of mind for your employees and clients


The CRM FOG can be used in all interiors and businesses,
our ambassadors tell you why.


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