The CRM FOG spreads dry, invisible, disinfecting mist through your entire interior. The highly technological machine nebulises the disinfecting liquid into ultra-thin fog so it doesn’t leave any wet tracks on surfaces. Only a few on the market can do that.

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The liquid

The nebulized liquid battles all microorganisms like bacteria, viruses and fungi via a compound of 12,5% stabilized hydrogen peroxide. The benefits of nebulizing with H2O2 are the fact that it’s biodegradable, doesn’t leave any residue and isn’t poisonous or carcinogenic when nebulized dry.

The nebulizing doesn’t use much liquid at all. For a space of 250m³, only 250 millilitres are needed to disinfect all surfaces and the air. You shouldn’t worry about electronics as the dry mist doesn’t leave any wet traces.


Thanks to the incorporated software, the CRM FOG can function completely autonomous. You can set the machine up to automatically start nebulizing at certain times. At the office for example, every morning at 6am so the employees can start their day with peace of mind.

The machine has motion sensors to stop the machine when it detects a person in the room. Besides that, the CRM FOG shows when it’s nebulising via a red and green light. The software gets updated regularly and we grant a 2 year guarantee.


For extra mobility, we put small wheels under the machine so you can easily move the CRM FOG to any interior space you like.


The CRM FOG has all needed certificates, like the one from FOD Public Health and a CE-certificate. Besides that, a neutral authority did lab tests with our solution and the results are eminent.